How To Choose The Right Fencing For You

How To Choose The Right Fencing For You

fence 2Whether you are in the process of putting your home up for sale or just want to secure your surrounding
area, making sure your property looks great is very important. Even though you might have the greatest garden in your neighborhood, there are other steps you can take to give a nicer look to your property.  Adding a new gate or a surrounding fence just might do the trick.

First off, you want to choose a fence or gate that accentuates your home and will add value to your property.  There are many types of fencing materials to choose from, including, slat or Colorbond fencing, aluminium or wood-looking material.  Keep in mind, installing a new fence should be done by professionals as it’s a very difficult project for those who are unskilled.

Styles Of Fences:

Some of the most popular styles for fences to look into:

  • Aluminium Slats
  • Aluminium Wood-Looking Slats
  • Colorbond
  • Slatted Screens
  • Infill Panels

The first thing you need to do is consider the “look” you want in a fence.  How much privacy you expect to have, the colour that will be best for your home, the materials you want to use and the area the fence will surround.  All these factors should be taken into consideration before making a final decision.  You also need to consider your budget when making a selection, some are more expensive then others but there are fences that are perfect for everyone.

How To Go About Choosing The Right Fence:

fenceSome people will prefer a lower fence that accentuates the entire area and blends with nature while others want higher fences for more privacy and security.  Whatever style you choose it should fit your own personal preferences.  You might want to conduct some research before making a choice.  You want to choose a fence that will give you value for your money and a style that works for you.  Also make sure your choice will be strong a durable in all sorts of weather conditions.  Contact the professionals at The Fence King for expert advise or research online for other great ideas and suggestions.


Many people opt to have a gate installed along with the fence for a finished look.  A gate can add functionality and a nicer appearance to your property.  You should first consider how secure you expect the gate to be.  Depending on your space, do you want the gate to open outward or inward?  These are  preferences that vary from individual to individual.

Here is a list of different styles of gates that might work with your home:

  • A gate in the front of your premises that controls who is allowed onto your property
  • A side gate that leads to your back garden
  • A gate that blocks off the garden from your swimming pool
  • A gate giving you access directly to an outdoor areas, such as a shed or your rubbish bin

These gates come in short or tall and offer additional security features including padlocks.