Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond Fencing Perth

Colorbond Fencing PerthWe specialise in the installation of Colorbond fencing in and around Perth, with pricing that is competitive.

Colourbond fencing options created to Australian specifications and comes in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm heights, whereas tailor made panels are generally ordered to match personal preferences. The panel width differs depending on the sheet infill you actually pick.

The modular character of Colorbond Fencing can be applied to flat areas or altered to fit inclined and uneven terrain. A specific order for lengthier top and bottom tracks allows for uncommon designs. If the sheets are trim on-site to the identical incline as the gradient, panels can be made to follow the shape of the terrain. Conversely, the Colorbond Fence panels could be ‘stepped’ over uneven terrain. This is ideal for side, rear and front uses and could also be employed for garden shields or camouflaging compost spaces. End sections can even be ‘tapered’ for aesthetic impact and to minimize wind strain on the enclosures.

Colorbond Products Perth

Colorbond Products

Colorbond fencing products are the popular choice of many home owners. Colorbond meets Australian standards, is an attractive durable product that is available in many sizes or can be customised to suit any width and any height. COLORBOND® steel won’t rot, rust or be eaten away by termites. Once it’s up, there’s very little to do. Keep the bottom of the panel clear of soil and garden debris and because it’s COLORBOND® steel there is little to no maintenance except for the occasional wash down. With a 10yr warranty offered on the product, once your new colorbond enclosure is installed, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy it!

Colorbond Lattice Screening Perth

Lattice Screening

Colorbond products comes with the option to install lattice screening on top of your new fence if you’re looking for that something extra! Available in the traditional lattice style, there is now also horizontal slatted lattice for a modern look or the vertical picket style for that unique look.

Colorbond Fencing Profiles Perth

Colorbond Profiles

Eline Fencing have access to a large range of suppliers, all of who produce their own unique profiles, including the neighbour friendly double sided profiles that allow both sides of the panel to have the exact same look, eliminating the need for choosing which side will receive the ridge and keeping all fence lines uniform and neat! Ask us about the large range of profiles available

Colorbond Fencing Colours Perth

Colorbond Colours

The COLORBOND® steel fence colour range is fresh, subtle and sophisticated. The colours draw inspiration from the Australian landscape and lifestyle to seamlessly blend into its natural surroundings. So no matter what look your trying to achieve, there is a colour that will work for you.

Colorbond Gates Perth

Colorbond Gates

Simple, Neat and Cost Effective – Colorbond products are great for allowing access to the sides of your home, keeping dogs out of your entertaining area or closing off that area that you’re tired of looking at. Welded steel frames ensure that the color bond materials are strong and durable, even when put to the test by the largest of dogs! Gates are made to size so no matter what size opening your have so the exit is custom made to fit.