Pool Fencing

Eline Fencing are your local pool fence supply and installation specialists. Our team members are all highly trained and experienced in the design and installation of pool fences of all shapes and sizes.

While glass pool fences are becoming more and more popular, we are also more than happy to work with different fencing materials and styles. Both residential and commercial properties throughout Australia are making use of different styles of glass pool fencing to create safe, good looking outdoor spaces. Keeping your children and pets safe from the dangers of drowning in a pool is extremely important, and our pool fencing solutions allow you to do this.

Every pool fencing variation that we offer brings a mix of contemporary style and a neat look, allowing you to watch children and other pool users from outside the fence. Our fences are also popular for things like fitness centres and indoor hotel pools.

Although a trendy, stylish look is one of our main focuses, we don’t compromise on either quality or durability. Our fences all come built to the highest industry standards, and they are both strong and hard wearing – making them equally suitable for both industrial and residential use. A few of our durable pool fencing options include stainless steel, frameless and semi-frameless. If you’re looking for a pool fence that will become the envy of all your friends and neighbours, get in touch with us today!

frameless glass pool fencingFrameless Glass Pool Fences

Our frameless glass fencing is perfect for a wide range of situations. Although it may not look as strong as some of our other options, it meets all the necessary safety and strength requirements (according to Australian Standards AS 1926.1-1993). It’s both visually appealing, great to look at and it offers an uninterrupted view over your pool area.

We construct all of our frameless glass pool fences with 12mm toughened glass that is polished with bevelled edges. The panels are secured with tough stirrups which come in a range of shapes and sizes – include anodised matt finish, stainless steel, and round to square.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

If you’re not quite sure about the look of frameless glass pool fencing, you should look into semi-frameless glass fences. These are both cost effective and stylish without compromising safety at all. Our semi-frameless glass pool fences conform to Australian Standards AS 1926.1-1993.

All our semi-frameless glass fences are constructed with 10mm toughened glass that has bevelled & polished edges. They are secured with strong aluminium posts which come in either round or square profile. These can be powder coated with any colour you want.

tubular pool fencingTubular Pool Fencing

If glass pool fences don’t really appeal to you, you should consider tubular pool fences. These are generally a lot cheaper than glass fences, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Customize them with any powder coated colour you want and choose between steel and aluminium. All of our tubular pool fences are constructed in accordance with Australian Standards AS 1926.1-1993. In fact, they are useful for more than just pool fencing – they can also be used for everything from boundary fences to pet enclosures.

Stainless Steel Pool Fences                                                                                                                     

The last pool fencing option that we offer is stainless steel fences. These can a very classy feel to your outdoor entertaining area. Constructed from marine grade stainless steel posts, stainless steel clamps and tough 10mm glass panels, these fences are perfect for even the roughest areas. Our stainless steel fences are all finished with bevelled, polished glass edges, smooth post caps and stainless steel over rings.

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