Modular Walls

Modular Walls Perth

Modular Walls

Add value to residential homes with a lightweight modular wall system that replicates the look of a rendered masonry wall, without the cost or hassle. Perfect for Boundary Walls, Front Feature Fences or External Feature Walls. The Modular System consists of composite fibre cement sandwich panels, supported by a unique post system. The post system holds the wall panels in a rigid position whilst allowing room for expansion or movement internally within the post. This means that the modular enclosures will never crack. When erected, the wall strength is comparable to that of a brick wall. With considerable time and cost savings over a comparable brick wall and with minimal site disturbance during construction, a Modular Wall is more than just an economical decision. By using this unique walling system you eliminate the need for bricklayers, earth moving equipment, renderers, expensive strip footings and mess during construction.

Modular Walls Profiles Perth


The Modular Wall Fencing System offers 5 different post sizes to suit any design or budget. Along with that, a range of post tops and capping to finish you wall off just the way you like. The Estate Wall is designed to replicate a brick pillar at 350mm(w). Looking for a less intrusive post, then look no further than the Vogue Wall, at 250mm(w) or 100mm Aluminium Post, it blends into any surroundings The SlimWall profile at 90mm(w) or 75mm Aluminium Post is great for tight spaces and keeping costs down. Depending on the profiles, these wall can go up to a height of 3000mm and can retain up to 750mm, with a 50mm, 75mm or 100mm AcoustiMax or Terrifirm panels. The Modular Wall System has been National Acoustic Laboratory tested and rated. On average you can expect up to a fourfold audible reduction in traffic noise. Keeping both the traffic and the neighbours at bay.

Versatile Modular Walls Perth


Perfect for boundaries as well as low front walls or even garden beds, the Modular Wall System allows you to choose your own tailored finish from a simple acrylic paint to a Tuscan style render. This means that neighbours on both sides of the boundary can choose both a colour and finish that suits them, eliminating disputes. Whatever the style of your home, be it Federation, ultra modern or anything in between there is a style and finish to suit. The Modular Walls can be fully customised, so why not enhance your wall with aluminium or timber grain slats, pickets or wrought iron to add a truly individual look. Add a stone cladding feature, lighting effects, audio or security systems. All walls are internally recessed to accept wiring for a number of services. Add a letterbox or ask us about customised post tops for that unique look!

Retaining Modular Walls Perth

Retaining And Commercial

Retaining is no issue with the TerraFirm Panels. TerraFirm integrates the retaining wall/fence or boundary wall in one seamless design. TerraFirm retaining panels can be built into ModularWalls to accommodate retaining requirements up to 750mm(h) without the need and cost of building a standard masonry retaining wall. A range of Commercial options are also available, with walls up to 12m high and retaining up to 3m high!! Commercial options utilise a range of panel options, inc the AcoustiMax, TerraFirm, EndureMax, AcoustiSorb, MicraLine and CorroLink.