Modular & Retaining

Modular Wall

modularAdd value to residential homes with a lightweight modular wall system that replicates the look of a rendered masonry wall, without the cost or hassle. Perfect for boundary panels, Front Feature Fences or External Feature Walls, choose from three modular styles that best suits your home. The Modular System consists of composite fibre cement sandwich panels, supported by a unique post system. The post system holds the wall panels in a rigid position whilst allowing room for expansion or movement internally within the post. This means that the modular enclosures will never crack. When erected, the wall strength is comparable to that of a brick wall.

With the option of full height wall, half height walls with slats, lights, letterboxes, cladding, retaining, textured paint finishes, a modular option can cater for any look that you after.

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Concrete Panel & Post

concrete-panelMade from precast reinforced concrete, and available in a variety of colours and finishes, this incredible retaining wall system is ideal for a wide range of applications. A cost effective alternative to limestone and brick retaining, it’s also great where space is limited.

Panel and post retaining walls are Structurally Engineered and Shire approved, we can even help you with your council approval if your wall is over 500mm.

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Steel Plinth

steel-plinthExtremely cost effective, a Steel retaining plinth can be incorporated into your new Colorbond fence to retain heights of up to 600 mm(h), to close up that unsightly gap under the fence, control your neighbors weeds or even to discourage active dogs from trying to dig under the fence.

Available in the full range of Colorbond Fencing colours, the plinth has been certified and tested  by a Structural Engineering firm to ensure the safety of the product.

Unlike other forms of retaining that are bulky and take up space, the steel plinth slides into the posts of your new Colorbond fence, taking up no more space than the fence itself.

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Limestone Walls

limestone-wallLimestone Retaining Walls are a great investment on your home, they have outstanding strength and durability, are cool to the touch, and have amazing sound reduction qualities.

Limestone walls are able to have just about any fencing incorporated into it, from glass, to Colorbond, slats or even timber fencing. With a range of different blocks and colours, a wall made of limestone can be customised to suit your project.

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