Regulations & Maintenance Of Pool Fences

Regulations & Maintenance Of Pool Fences

By law, all pools are required to have security fences to prevent accidental drownings but, many are not aware of the regulations that govern pool fencing. Take a closer look at the regulations and what exactly they are.  You will be able to decide whether your existing pool fence complies with the laws or not.  If you are thinking about installing a pool, you need to know ahead of time what is required regarding the fence installation around the pool

The Maintenance:

CaptureBy law, pool fencing and gates must be well maintained at all times and must comply with rules and regulations.  If there is any damage to a fence that will compromise the structure, it must be repaired quickly.  Latches on gates must work properly in order to securely lock the gates.  You must also check for any rusting or loose hinges, if these conditions exist you must repair them quickly.

Fence Height Requirements:

It is required that a fence surrounding a pool must be at least 1200mm from top to bottom.  Additionally, any branches that are able to be climbed, that are over the pool, must be cut back.  If there is a garden that will cause a reduced height of the fence, the garden must be move away from the it.

Fences With An Adjoining Boundary:

If there is an outside fence that can be climbed, it is not compliant with pool regulations and must be replaced with one that meets these requirements.  At its lowest point, the boundary fence must be at least 120mm in height.


Any window that opens directly into the pool area must be secured with a security screen so children may not access the pool through these windows.

Strength & Durability:

First and foremost, pool fencing should be safe and must be constructed with materials and built within certain standards in order to ensure the structure is solid.  Construction must ensure it will not fall over and cannot be easily broken or damaged.  A fence that is weak and not constructed properly will not pass safety regulations.

Get In Touch With Experts:

If you are uncertain whether your fence or new pool proposed fence will pass regulations, get in touch with an expert.  Eline Fencing Perth will give you the most up-to-date rules and regulations that cover pool fencing and will advise you how to ensure your pool fence is compliant.  Ask for a quote and these people will make sure the construction or repairs are done properly and will meet government standards while offering a beautiful, secure pool fence.